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    Phone 67612336
    Fax 67612336
    E-mail info@agreko.lv
    Head of the office Santa Beņicka 29121989
    E-mail santa@agreko.lv
    Grain pre-processing Edgars Sakne, equipment sales manager 26145411
    E-mail edgars.sakne@agreko.lv
    Equipment service/installation, Jānis Gailums 28654111
    E-mail janis.gailums@hotmail.com
    Agricultural equipment sale Aldis Stramkalis, equipment representative/adviser in Vidzeme/Latgale 26665575
    E-mail aldis.stramkalis@agreko.lv
    Ulfs Mētriņš equipment representative/adviser in Zemgale/Kurzeme 29499864
    E-mail ulfs.metrins@agreko.lv
    Valdis Strods, technical tepresentative/service 26303844
    E-mail valdis.strods@agreko.lv
    Forestry equipment sale Kārlis Mētriņš 29464911
    E-mail karlis.metrins@agreko.lv

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    • Ltd. Agreko company's main business areas are agricultural and forestry equipment sale, as well as spare part supply for all western machinery manufacturer brands. Ensuring all your household technical needs!


    • Grain driers, Mineral fertilizer spreaders, Plows, Driers,
    • We are direct dealers of high-end machinery and equipment, -Mepu, AGI
    • products, Westeel, Damas, Scandia elevator, SuperTech, Sulky-Burel,
    • Berthoud, Househam, MX, Gregoire Besson, Bremer, Annaburger, Bag Budissa,
    • PC, Farma, Moheda, Icarbazzoli, Eschlboeck, Laimet, Teejet, IKH, Granit
    • parts, Rapid. Manufacture, assembly, installation: heating type boiler
    • houses and warm air ventilators, (blowers). Grain pretreatment equipment.
    • Grain pretreatment complex design, installation. In this area we are
    • closely working with concern AGI Growth, which contains such companies
    • as MEPU, Westfield, Union Iron, Grain Guard, WheatHeart etc., as well
    • as with other companies, -JK Machinery, Damas, Scandia-Elevator, Supertech
    • etc. Grain dryer, grain driers, grain towers, silos, tower installation,
    • grain tower sale. Grain pretreatment equipment, grain bunkers, grain
    • square bunkers, grain pipe systems, pipe systems, etc.. Designing.
    • Grain combines. Grain preprocessing, mobile dryers. Grain stationary
    • dryers. Grain processing. MEPU flow dryers. MEPU mobile dryers L series.
    • MEPU batch type dryers DCR, RCW series grain dryers. MEPU grain square
    • bunkers. Grain bunkers. Grain storage bunker. Grain conveyors, (augers)
    • chain pumps-WESTFIELD, WHEATHEART; BATCO belt grain conveyors; grain
    • pre-cleaners, grain cleaners; DAMAS grain cleaner; grain cleaning,
    • sorting machine JK-MACHINERY. SKANDIA ELEVATOR grain cleaner, (dust
    • and chaff baster DOB 80/100 is available with a capacity of 80-100
    • t/h). Flexible screw conveyors JK-Machinery, NORD MILS; pneumoconveyors;
    • Grain post-processing machines; grain peelers, grain swaging devices,
    • NORD MILLS grain mills, swaging devices. NORO GARD grain stains, grain
    • mordant. Grain storage towers. Pre-cleaners. Grain pipe, (tube) systems.
    • Grain Guard, TWISTER grain towers. Car scales. Stationary car scales
    • TMS-PLUS, metal platform scales, concrete platform scales, (15-50t).
    • Mobile axle car scales. Mobile car scales. Packing scales, portable
    • scales, BIG BAG scales. Forest equipment, forestry equipment. Forestry
    • machinery. ESCBLOCK chippers, chipper Biber 2, Biber 3, Biber 7, Biber
    • 70, Biber 80, Biber 80, Biber 83, Biber 84, Biber 93. Biber Trucks
    • with chipper. „LAIMET” Professional cutters with conical feed, (PS-10,
    • HP-21; HP-280 LS M, (for interior rooms) HP-400 L). Laimet HP-50 is
    • with diesel-engine powered professional chipper. It is the largest
    • Laimet produced chipper suitable for large log chipping for boiler
    • houses. Forestry equipment handlers. Forest haulers, forest trailers
    • with hydraulic manipulator. Agriculture equipment, tractor equipment,
    • tractors, lift-trucks, combines, trailers. Seeding equipment, seeding-machine,
    • seeders for sale, soil processing machines, plows, cultivators, harrows.
    • Forage preparation machinery. Spare parts, conveyor belts, bearings,
    • lubricants. Agriculture equipment: GREGOIRE BESSON plows: mounted plows,
    • semi-mounted plows, SP9, mounted plows: RW6 | RW8 | RW9 - mounted plow
    • models. Soil cultivation devices: soil discs, cultivators, tiller,
    • harrows, subsoiler, subsoiler. Seeding equipment, seeding-machine,
    • seeders for sale. Pneumatic drills, mechanical drills, direct seed
    • sowing machines: Sulky Easydrill sowing machines, Sulky Maxidrill sowing
    • machines TR and TRW; Sulky TRAMLINE mechanical sowing machines 4 different
    • models SE, SX, CE, CX. Sulky XEOS pneumatic sowing machines 3 different
    • models MD, HD and PRO. Sprayers, mounted sprayers: self-propelled sprayers
    • Berthoud Raptor, (Volume: 3200 - 5200 L). Mounted self-propelled sprayer
    • Berthoud Elyte. Berthoud Force 2, Berthoud Mack 2. Trailed sprayers:
    • Berthoud Maxxor (4000L) Berthoud Racer (2000L) Berthoud Tracker, (3200
    • L) Berthoud Tenor, (volume 2800 - 6700 L). Mineral fertilizer spreaders:
    • Sulky X series mineral fertilizer spreaders, spreader. Hauled Sukly
    • XT series mineral fertilizer spreaders. Sulky DPX series mineral fertilizer
    • spreaders, spreader. Sulky DPA Polyvrac hauled mineral fertilizer spreaders.
    • Heat engineering, heating equipment trade, heating boilers, container
    • boiler houses, boiler house, boiler house repair, maintenance. Our
    • self-developed container boiler house with a capacity of 50 to 500
    • kW. As fuel can be used bulk materials, such as wood chips, pellets,
    • low-value grains and middlings. With furnace can heat all household
    • buildings - residential area, garages, greenhouses, as well as other
    • facilities. It is able to operate autonomously for up to 21 day and
    • night. Country kitchens, rural kitchen for cooking, smoking, roasting
    • and grilling. LIPA TSL stone chopper, shredders, stone crusher. Applied
    • in agriculture, road construction and other sectors. LIPA universal
    • TLBM shredder is designed for short grass or bush shredding. LIPA universal
    • TLBM shredder with a lag. LIPA TLP chopper is a great machine for corn,
    • straw, beet leaf, etc. mowing. LIPA front + rear coupling shredders.
    • Grass shredders - mowers. LIPA excavator chipper heads. TLBE chopper
    • heads are ideal for grass or shrub chopping up to 3 cm. It is equipped
    • with mini excavators 1.5-3.0 ton basic weight. For chipping are used
    • hammers. GFM is a folding grass cutter, which is designed for larger
    • area maintenance, UFK, UEM wood shredders are designed for shrub, root,
    • thinning, as well as grass chopping. Crushing is done with hammers.
    • Farm equipment trailers, semi-trailers. BIGAB container trailers, Western
    • Fabrications haulers WFDL series trailers are suitable for stone, crushed
    • stone, gravel and debris transport. Stone trailers. WFT semi-trailers
    • to the back overturnable trailers. WFTS silage semi-trailer, trailer.
    • WFRP-RD platform trailers, WFDS manure spreaders, WFDTV livestock trailers,
    • WFLS tanks, WFS with removable sides. MX C1 and C2 frontal loaders
    • - for small tractors up to 30 ZS. Mini loaders. COMPACT series loaders.
    • Frontal loaders T400 series 45-230 ZS, Frontal loaders U300 series
    • 35-150 ZS. MX 25Cu loader - economic loader for tractors with a load
    • of 20-50 ZS for general works. MX 20C+, 25C+ and 30C+ professional
    • loaders for tractors with a load of 20-65 ZS. Loader, tractor equipment:
    • buckets / shovels, general purpose buckets, large capacity buckets,
    • excavation buckets, high off-loading buckets, MX ''Four in one'' bucket,
    • silage bucket. Manubal L40 hay forks, suitable for both reels and bales.
    • Pallet forks, muck-rake BF series, (with or without grapple). Silage
    • pushing blade LE series, grapples GV series, lifting lug CL 2500 series,
    • For BIG Bag bag lifting, (200 kg hoisting capacity). We offer GPS TeeJet
    • precision farming equipment. Hydraulics, hydraulic equipment for loaders.
    • PHC hydraulic leveling system. We offer in Italy produced DIMSPORT
    • power units for your car or tractor equipment. Power units for agricultural
    • machinery, tractor machinery. BioCat is Agreko produced container type
    • boiler house, which we equip with Finland produced heating burners
    • and boilers ranging from 40 to 500 kw capacity, and our programmed
    • control unit. Forest trailers with manipulator. Forest machinery spare
    • parts. All kinds of agricultural machinery spare parts. Spare part
    • ordering. Sprayer and tillage equipment spare parts, tractor spare
    • parts. Motor, engine, engines, engine parts, transmission, transmission
    • parts, transmission spare parts, gear boxes, gearbox, etc. parts, reducers,
    • reducer parts. Bearings, bearing trade, gaskets, belts, tools etc.
    • Electronics. Harvest equipment parts, spare parts for agricultural
    • machinery. Spare parts for garden and forestry, spare parts for garden
    • machinery, spare parts for forestry equipment, hydraulics, pumps, gaskets,
    • seals, pipes, hoses, high-pressure hoses, filters, filter. Barrels,
    • waste collector 20 barrels. Tools, IKH, Fab-Tool, tool sets, drills
    • for metal, wood, concrete, core drill bits, taps, saws, screw-cutters,
    • milling cutters. Hand tools: wrenches, barrels, screwdrivers, rods,
    • tongs, torque wrenches, dynamometric spanners, metal scissors, hammers,
    • chisels, mandrels, crowbars, calipers, c-clamps, files, saws, knives,
    • bearing pullers, shock-resistant tools. Pneumatic tools: wrenches,
    • grinders, drilling machines, compressors, equipment for pneumatic systems.
    • Electrical and accumulator tools: drilling machines, accumulator screwdrivers,
    • perforators, angle polishing machines. Workbenches, drawing machines,
    • c-clamps, milling cutters, lathes, bending machines, sheet metal folding
    • machines for manufacture of ventilation tubes. Welding machines, etc.
    • equipment for production, household, manufacturing of parts for trade.
    • Free consultations. Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment spare
    • parts. Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment trade. Forestry
    • and logging machinery. Instrument and tool trade. Wholesale of of instruments
    • and tools. Tractor tyres. Heat supply and heat networks. Heat devices
    • heating equipment.


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    VAT numberLV44103055910

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