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  • "AgrEko", Ltd.

    "AgrEko", Ltd.

    • Valdlauci, Izstazu 11, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-1076, Latvia
    • +371 67612336
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  • Phone+371 67612336
    Fax+371 67612336
    Head of the office Santa Beņicka+371 29121989
    Grain pre-processing Edgars Sakne, equipment sales manager+371 26145411
    Equipment service/installation, Jānis Gailums+371 28654111
    Agricultural equipment sale Aldis Stramkalis, equipment representative/adviser in Vidzeme/Latgale+371 26665575
    Ulfs Mētriņš equipment representative/adviser in Zemgale/Kurzeme+371 29499864
    Valdis Strods, technical tepresentative/service+371 26303844
    Forestry equipment sale Kārlis Mētriņš+371 29464911
    Ltd. Agreko company's main business areas are agricultural and forestry equipment sale, as well as spare part supply for all western machinery manufacturer brands. Ensuring all your household technical needs!
    Working time
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    • Mon900-1800
    • Tue900-1800
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    • Fri900-1800
    • Sat900-1700
    Grain driers, Mineral fertilizer spreaders, Plows, Driers.
    We are direct dealers of high-end machinery and equipment, -Mepu, AGI
    products, Westeel, Damas, Scandia elevator, SuperTech, Sulky-Burel,
    Berthoud, Househam, MX, Gregoire Besson, Bremer, Annaburger, Bag Budissa,
    PC, Farma, Moheda, Icarbazzoli, Eschlboeck, Laimet, Teejet, IKH, Granit
    parts, Rapid. Manufacture, assembly, installation: heating type boiler
    houses and warm air ventilators, (blowers). Grain pretreatment equipment.
    Grain pretreatment complex design, installation. In this area we are
    closely working with concern AGI Growth, which contains such companies
    as MEPU, Westfield, Union Iron, Grain Guard, WheatHeart etc., as well
    as with other companies, -JK Machinery, Damas, Scandia-Elevator, Supertech
    etc. Grain dryer, grain driers, grain towers, silos, tower installation,
    grain tower sale. Grain pretreatment equipment, grain bunkers, grain
    square bunkers, grain pipe systems, pipe systems, etc.. Designing.
    Grain combines. Grain preprocessing, mobile dryers. Grain stationary
    dryers. Grain processing. MEPU flow dryers. MEPU mobile dryers L series.
    MEPU batch type dryers DCR, RCW series grain dryers. MEPU grain square
    bunkers. Grain bunkers. Grain storage bunker. Grain conveyors, (augers)
    chain pumps-WESTFIELD, WHEATHEART; BATCO belt grain conveyors; grain
    pre-cleaners, grain cleaners; DAMAS grain cleaner; grain cleaning,
    sorting machine JK-MACHINERY. SKANDIA ELEVATOR grain cleaner, (dust
    and chaff baster DOB 80/100 is available with a capacity of 80-100
    t/h). Flexible screw conveyors JK-Machinery, NORD MILS; pneumoconveyors;
    Grain post-processing machines; grain peelers, grain swaging devices,
    NORD MILLS grain mills, swaging devices. NORO GARD grain stains, grain
    mordant. Grain storage towers. Pre-cleaners. Grain pipe, (tube) systems.
    Grain Guard, TWISTER grain towers. Car scales. Stationary car scales
    TMS-PLUS, metal platform scales, concrete platform scales, (15-50t).
    Mobile axle car scales. Mobile car scales. Packing scales, portable
    scales, BIG BAG scales. Forest equipment, forestry equipment. Forestry
    machinery. ESCBLOCK chippers, chipper Biber 2, Biber 3, Biber 7, Biber
    70, Biber 80, Biber 80, Biber 83, Biber 84, Biber 93. Biber Trucks
    with chipper. „LAIMET” Professional cutters with conical feed, (PS-10,
    HP-21; HP-280 LS M, (for interior rooms) HP-400 L). Laimet HP-50 is
    with diesel-engine powered professional chipper. It is the largest
    Laimet produced chipper suitable for large log chipping for boiler
    houses. Forestry equipment handlers. Forest haulers, forest trailers
    with hydraulic manipulator. Agriculture equipment, tractor equipment,
    tractors, lift-trucks, combines, trailers. Seeding equipment, seeding-machine,
    seeders for sale, soil processing machines, plows, cultivators, harrows.
    Forage preparation machinery. Spare parts, conveyor belts, bearings,
    lubricants. Agriculture equipment: GREGOIRE BESSON plows: mounted plows,
    semi-mounted plows, SP9, mounted plows: RW6 | RW8 | RW9 - mounted plow
    models. Soil cultivation devices: soil discs, cultivators, tiller,
    harrows, subsoiler, subsoiler. Seeding equipment, seeding-machine,
    seeders for sale. Pneumatic drills, mechanical drills, direct seed
    sowing machines: Sulky Easydrill sowing machines, Sulky Maxidrill sowing
    machines TR and TRW; Sulky TRAMLINE mechanical sowing machines 4 different
    models SE, SX, CE, CX. Sulky XEOS pneumatic sowing machines 3 different
    models MD, HD and PRO. Sprayers, mounted sprayers: self-propelled sprayers
    Berthoud Raptor, (Volume: 3200 - 5200 L). Mounted self-propelled sprayer
    Berthoud Elyte. Berthoud Force 2, Berthoud Mack 2. Trailed sprayers:
    Berthoud Maxxor (4000L) Berthoud Racer (2000L) Berthoud Tracker, (3200
    L) Berthoud Tenor, (volume 2800 - 6700 L). Mineral fertilizer spreaders:
    Sulky X series mineral fertilizer spreaders, spreader. Hauled Sukly
    XT series mineral fertilizer spreaders. Sulky DPX series mineral fertilizer
    spreaders, spreader. Sulky DPA Polyvrac hauled mineral fertilizer spreaders.
    Heat engineering, heating equipment trade, heating boilers, container
    boiler houses, boiler house, boiler house repair, maintenance. Our
    self-developed container boiler house with a capacity of 50 to 500
    kW. As fuel can be used bulk materials, such as wood chips, pellets,
    low-value grains and middlings. With furnace can heat all household
    buildings - residential area, garages, greenhouses, as well as other
    facilities. It is able to operate autonomously for up to 21 day and
    night. Country kitchens, rural kitchen for cooking, smoking, roasting
    and grilling. LIPA TSL stone chopper, shredders, stone crusher. Applied
    in agriculture, road construction and other sectors. LIPA universal
    TLBM shredder is designed for short grass or bush shredding. LIPA universal
    TLBM shredder with a lag. LIPA TLP chopper is a great machine for corn,
    straw, beet leaf, etc. mowing. LIPA front + rear coupling shredders.
    Grass shredders - mowers. LIPA excavator chipper heads. TLBE chopper
    heads are ideal for grass or shrub chopping up to 3 cm. It is equipped
    with mini excavators 1.5-3.0 ton basic weight. For chipping are used
    hammers. GFM is a folding grass cutter, which is designed for larger
    area maintenance, UFK, UEM wood shredders are designed for shrub, root,
    thinning, as well as grass chopping. Crushing is done with hammers.
    Farm equipment trailers, semi-trailers. BIGAB container trailers, Western
    Fabrications haulers WFDL series trailers are suitable for stone, crushed
    stone, gravel and debris transport. Stone trailers. WFT semi-trailers
    to the back overturnable trailers. WFTS silage semi-trailer, trailer.
    WFRP-RD platform trailers, WFDS manure spreaders, WFDTV livestock trailers,
    WFLS tanks, WFS with removable sides. MX C1 and C2 frontal loaders
    - for small tractors up to 30 ZS. Mini loaders. COMPACT series loaders.
    Frontal loaders T400 series 45-230 ZS, Frontal loaders U300 series
    35-150 ZS. MX 25Cu loader - economic loader for tractors with a load
    of 20-50 ZS for general works. MX 20C+, 25C+ and 30C+ professional
    loaders for tractors with a load of 20-65 ZS. Loader, tractor equipment:
    buckets / shovels, general purpose buckets, large capacity buckets,
    excavation buckets, high off-loading buckets, MX ''Four in one'' bucket,
    silage bucket. Manubal L40 hay forks, suitable for both reels and bales.
    Pallet forks, muck-rake BF series, (with or without grapple). Silage
    pushing blade LE series, grapples GV series, lifting lug CL 2500 series,
    For BIG Bag bag lifting, (200 kg hoisting capacity). We offer GPS TeeJet
    precision farming equipment. Hydraulics, hydraulic equipment for loaders.
    PHC hydraulic leveling system. We offer in Italy produced DIMSPORT
    power units for your car or tractor equipment. Power units for agricultural
    machinery, tractor machinery. BioCat is Agreko produced container type
    boiler house, which we equip with Finland produced heating burners
    and boilers ranging from 40 to 500 kw capacity, and our programmed
    control unit. Forest trailers with manipulator. Forest machinery spare
    parts. All kinds of agricultural machinery spare parts. Spare part
    ordering. Sprayer and tillage equipment spare parts, tractor spare
    parts. Motor, engine, engines, engine parts, transmission, transmission
    parts, transmission spare parts, gear boxes, gearbox, etc. parts, reducers,
    reducer parts. Bearings, bearing trade, gaskets, belts, tools etc.
    Electronics. Harvest equipment parts, spare parts for agricultural
    machinery. Spare parts for garden and forestry, spare parts for garden
    machinery, spare parts for forestry equipment, hydraulics, pumps, gaskets,
    seals, pipes, hoses, high-pressure hoses, filters, filter. Barrels,
    waste collector 20 barrels. Tools, IKH, Fab-Tool, tool sets, drills
    for metal, wood, concrete, core drill bits, taps, saws, screw-cutters,
    milling cutters. Hand tools: wrenches, barrels, screwdrivers, rods,
    tongs, torque wrenches, dynamometric spanners, metal scissors, hammers,
    chisels, mandrels, crowbars, calipers, c-clamps, files, saws, knives,
    bearing pullers, shock-resistant tools. Pneumatic tools: wrenches,
    grinders, drilling machines, compressors, equipment for pneumatic systems.
    Electrical and accumulator tools: drilling machines, accumulator screwdrivers,
    perforators, angle polishing machines. Workbenches, drawing machines,
    c-clamps, milling cutters, lathes, bending machines, sheet metal folding
    machines for manufacture of ventilation tubes. Welding machines, etc.
    equipment for production, household, manufacturing of parts for trade.
    Free consultations. Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment spare
    parts. Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment trade. Forestry
    and logging machinery. Instrument and tool trade. Wholesale of of instruments
    and tools. Tractor tyres. Heat supply and heat networks. Heat devices
    heating equipment.